Train the Trainer

Our Certification Training offers Facilitators a chance to become certified in our content. You can get certified through your organization, or as an independent consultant, become a reseller.

What To Expect

  • An in-depth dive into the curriculum.

  • Learn how to be an effective facilitator.

  • A two-day virtual six-hour training. 

What You'll Receive 

  • Six Video Lessons with Miles Mcpherson 

  • A Facilitator Guide 

  • A Training Design

  • FAQ’s about Training

  • Digital Workbooks

  • Support from the Third Option team during and after training. 

What You'll Get Out Of The Training

You'll get equipped with language around both racism and honor and learn to focus on the similarities we all share to value our common humanity.

Training Dates 
April 23rd - 24th 
May  21st - 22nd
June 25th -26th

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