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Black Background

Similarity Training

Do you want to learn how to have a conversation about race but are afraid of saying the wrong thing? Do you want to cultivate unity to your organization but are afraid you’ll bring more division? The Third Option Similarity Training offers language on how to approach the conversation while honoring everyone involved. Today, we are in us vs them a culture that dishonors one another. The Third Option is about honoring what we have in common. 


In this 6-session ecourse, you will be able to discover the common misconceptions that keep people from engaging with those of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. You’ll identify blind spots you may have and through a journey of self-discovery, begin living out your similarities with others. 


In this training, you’ll receive: 

  • Six Video Lessons with Miles McPherson 

  • A Facilitator Guide 

  • A Participant Guide

  • Digital and Print Workbook Options

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Minimal Office
Business Course

Transform the level of diversity in your company with this 6-session Similarity Training.

Image by Joshua Hoehne
K-12 School Course

Our hope is that the Third Option will be shared with school-aged children so that the seeds of justice, humanity, and the recognition of the innate value in every human being are being, are planted within the formidable years. With seeds being planted young, the harvest will be a great benefit to society at large. This is the purpose of the Third Option K-12 curriculum.

Image by Ben White
Church Course

The Church has a powerful role in spreading hope to a racially divided nation. This course empowers you to tackle the division in your life and gives you tools to create unity within your faith-spaces.

Image by Caleb Wright
Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Officers are proud to serve their community. They carry a great responsibility in keeping the peace and this training will equip you with tools on how to better serve your community. 

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Healthcare workers put their heart and soul into their work and care a great deal for others. This training will equip you even further on how to honor every patient and personnel you come in contact with.



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YOUR Guide

Miles McPherson

Miles McPherson a former defensive back for the San Diego Chargers,  pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego, author, actor, motivational speaker, and founder of Miles is a unifier who makes the hope of the gospel real, relevant, and accessible, to empower people to make a difference in the world.

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The Third Option
San Diego, California, USA 


P: (858) 221-9474    

M-F 9am to 5pm PST


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