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The Third Option

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Why this course was made

Maybe you:

  • Feel like you’ve been wrongly blamed for racist events that happened before you were born? Experienced racism personally?

  • Want to learn how to have a conversation about race but are afraid of saying the wrong thing?

  • Have been the target or a perpetrator of racism? Are searching for a way to deal with the race-based hate and fear in your heart?

I commend you for your courage and commitment to tackle racism head-on.

For real transformation to occur, you must be open to a new level of vulnerability. The Third Option invites us to honor what we have in common. It requires intentionality, but frees us from culture’s traps by exposing our blind spots so we can focus on who God created us to be.

Discover the common misconceptions that keep people from engaging with those of different racial and ethnic backgrounds and identify the privileges and pitfalls that we all face. Move past your differences and begin living out your similarities. This is not a training for “those people” but “we the people!” Step into God’s perfect solution: Unity.

Don’t just go through this course, LIVE this course!

Miles McPherson

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