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Grades K-2

Drawing from over 60 years of living out this message, Miles unpacks The Third Option. He provides an answer to the racial issue that divides our nation. This course will empower you to see common misconceptions and identify the privilege and pitfalls we all face. Start the journey to live out of your similarities.

The facilitator guide will empower even beginners to guide their group on the journey of self-discovery. Complete with step by step instructions and challenges for personal reflection, this workbook will prepare you to grow in your personal competency in each area as you guide your group.

Grades 6-8

Designed for scholars in the pre-adolescent stage of development. Activities are constructed to engage middle school scholars in interesting yet challenging ways around questions of similarity and unity.  More attention is given to discussion of the program's racial/cultural themes, and deeper focus is placed on individual reflection for self- growth. Provides an incremental bridge and logical alignment between the elementary and high school courses.

Grades 9-12

A downloadable workbook that can be completed on a computer or phone. We will give you the tools to ask hard questions, start the conversation, and honor the unseen in others so that you can step into unity.

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desired Outcome

This is a 6 step Journey of Self-discovery. 

In an “US versus THEM'' culture, we are forced to operate in a ‘I win’ - ‘you lose’ paradigm. 

I wrote The Third option to provide exactly that, an option where everyone can win. 


Participants should walk away more aware of the similarities they share with people they once considered as “those people." When people realize they have more similarities than differences, it is easier to RESPECT others the same as we RESPECT ourselves.


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(Grades K-12)

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